Made according to a traditional recipe

Handcrafted organic crispbreads

Delicious snacks and treats

The Åby story

The story of Åby crispbreads began when a hundred-year-old recipe book was discovered tucked between two larger volumes in the grand library of Åby Manor. One of the most interesting recipes in the book was the one for crispbread. Since all grain products would have been organic when the recipe book was written, we decided to stay true to the spirit of the recipe and create an organic crispbread.

We gave the original recipe a modern twist and baked the first test batches. We found that the recipe worked very well – the crispbreads were delicious! We altered the recipe to make the crispbreads airier so that they would be more suitable for use with a wide range of toppings. Take a look at our recipes and find your personal favourite.

Our crispbreads taste amazing with butter just a little butter. At parties, they are perfect as appetisers, enjoyed in good company with a welcome drink. And why not try our crispbreads with dips too?

Over the years, Åby crispbreads have become a firm favourite with crispbread-lovers. Our crispbreads are created at a small bakery in Porvoo, but they have become popular all over Finland and further afield. Åby crispbreads are sold in speciality shops all over Finland, and they are also available abroad, including in France.

We invite you to try Åby crispbreads – we are sure that it will be love at first sight!