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Fennel crispbread

Åby’s fennel crispbread has the distinctive aniseed-like taste of fennel seeds. We introduced our fennel crispbread in 2014, and it has already proved especially popular with French crispbread-lovers. Fennel is often recommended for seasoning fish, and indeed fennel crispbreads are delicious with the roe paste and crayfish tails included on our recipe page.

Poppy-seed crispbread

Poppy seeds add a hint of a nutty taste to Åby crispbreads. These seeds are often used for decoration, and they make the crispbreads both beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Our poppy-seed crispbreads are particularly popular in Finland, and they taste great especially with pan-fried chanterelles, seasoned with truffle.

Cumin crispbread

Cumin is a popular spice in the German-speaking countries and Scandinavia, so it’s no wonder that it has found its way to Åby’s crispbread range. With the strong, aromatic taste of cumin seeds, these crispbreads are a delicious accompaniment to cheeses. Try our cumin crispbreads on their own with butter or serve with a cheese board.

Seasonal products

During the festive period, crispbread fans can enjoy our gingerbread-flavoured crispbread. Gingerbread crispbreads are a perfect partner for both sweet and savoury treats at Christmas parties. Why not use them for a lighter version of the traditional combination of gingerbread and blue cheese?

During the crayfish season, from late July to early November, we offer dill crispbreads, which are perfect for crayfish parties. Our dill crispbreads go well with both fish and crayfish, but you can also try other toppings, such as duck.